What is Speaks Energy?

With the energy sector coming into focus more than ever, we created Speaks Energy with the aim to...

  • Engage an active community that truly speaks energy
  • Demistify and broaden the conversation on all-things energy
  • Create blogs, articles, and podcasts to inform and inspire our energy future

Whether you're new to energy, or already here, we hope you'll find something that helps inform and inspire our energy future.

Whatever part you play, come and be a part of the conversation!

Speaks Energy

Inspiring our energy future.

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Blogs. Fresh content, delivered. 

We share a series of thoughts and insights on all things energy. Stay up to date with new content, sent straight to your inbox! 

Speaks Energy podcast. Join the conversation.

We're developing a Speaks Energy podcast, to talk to the energy community about their role in our energy future. We'll talk about why they do what they do, how their role fits in, how they got there, and much more!

Book reviews. Turning pages, broadening minds. 

We've included a collection of book reviews from our library of notable titles which inform and inspire our Speaks Energy community. Whether it's productivity, leadership, personal development, or just a genuinely interesting read, we share our thoughts and views on some popular titles which have shaped our journey so far.

Energy Community. Meet, listen, and engage.

Join the Speaks Energy community! We aim to arrange live teach-ins, presentations, fire-side talks and events to help us all speak energy. Watch this space...

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Speaks Energy

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